Hostile Ink
by The Ever Present iT!

From spreading the wealth around
this is what I have found
our government took us broke
and our futures not sound
if we dont hit the stop button
it will come crashing down

Quantitative easing
its not so deceiving
they devalue the dollar
to keep on thieving

they rob peter to pay paul
bankrupt the people
to pay for it all
hey yall,
that's against the law

they bailed out the bankers
and corporations too
time to put the foot on
the other shoe
do unto them
they did EWE

arrest the federal reserve
they created the market curve
time to give them what they deserve
taking it back
is justice served

Bill Clinton repealed
the Glass-Stegall act
and that indeed
is a fact
NOW!!!.... $200,000 speeches
at Goldman Sachs
while Ted Cruz's wife
sits on their lap!

they sold it all overseas
its all so disastrous
dont you see
the Freedom Terrorists
live in DC

lies of deception
lies of deceit
a 20 trillion dollar deficit
is OUR receit
Dont tell me
Nazi history,
didnt repeat.

from: the NSA,
to: the TSA
better do what they say
Indefinite Detention FEMA
road side stops for DNA
now they're trying to take
our guns away
so what do i say........

Infringing on the 2nd Amendment
during a time of war
is aiding the enemy
10 US Code 904 (Article 104 UCMJ)
ladies & gents.......need i say more?

from: Sieg Heil!
to: Yes We Can!
Harry Reid
sells our land
while threatening
the Bundy Clan
they went and killed
an unarmed (white) man.
welcome to

where......Justice Scalia (another whitey)
was found dead
while lying in bed
a comfy pillow
over his head
no autopsy they said
embalmed instead
it wasnt me
was it the Fed?

who killed more ISIS
with their shootin'
is it Obama?
it's Vladimir Putin

DC created racism amongst man
spread Fear & Terror across the land
whenever people get off a boat
there's a name to be had
so much injustice
we cant stand
politicians play the race card
with every hand

knowing your history
is a way to see
along with "Truth"
comes "Transparency"

those that dont want to disclose the truth
have something to hide

now this, i cannot deny
dont worry about the 28 pages
its all a lie
Death to America
comes from inside

Kennedy spoke of a Secret Society
now this is nothing new to me
a court ruling is there to see
our Government killed
Dr. King

New Age Nazi
Hillary Clinton's
the Butcher of Benghazi!
a Secretary of States

shes not fit to run
but loves Hypocrisy

Say no to Christie
Rubio, Cruz,
& Fee-o-ree-nee
a "Corporate Raiders"
Mitt Romney
now Santorum doesnt sleep
with his dead babys mommy

.....while Slick Willie
unhides the salami

all of this,
and economy!!!

the revolution will not be televised
the boob tube is for the ill advised
conspiracy theorists have been justified
research the internet to realize

(narrative: during a time of war the President can rule by Executive Order,
this is where he takes control of Air Land & Sea, and everything inbetween,
sells you out in front of your eyes, while laughing and saying

so put me on the stand and ill testify-
that everything government is a lie
i cross my heart and hope they fry

Game Over!
I dont play
their own rules
they don't obey
this is our life
they cast astray
if there is justice
they will pay
i speak this,
to my dying day

im poor white trash
do you hear what i say
im like
a bad rash
that wont go away
ill be a witness
on judgement day

im not politically correct
and i tried to show respect
but hey maaaan! what the heck!
why aren't politicians
swinging from the neck ?!?!?

now here's something our politicians can do
google your bing until it yahoos a clue
I had enough of listening to you
I didnt sign the constitution
and neither did you
legally you cant tell anyone,
what to do

Ipso Facto
its null and void yo

Qui Vult Decipi

a k a
Caveat Emptor

The political winds have shifted
our nations been grifted
I hereby demand
their submission!

come out with your hands up DC!
you have become destructive
upon our means..........
Everyone for Prison

for the crimes they do
the red white & blue
will be the new


Novus Ordo Seclorum
don't say i
didn't warn'em

2019 - Hostile Ink by The Ever Present iT!